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The COVERT V technology is at the cutting edge of optical and acoustic detection technology.

COVERT V additives are invisible to the naked eye, have thermal stability and are only detectable by one of our sensory or optical detectors. We offer a comprehensive range of both coloured and invisible tracing security additives, to give a unique covert solution to your security and ID protection and product verification requirements.

COVERT V provides a range of professional services that guide companies through the process of evaluating, designing, implementing and enforcing high level product security and quality control.

Anti-counterfeiting, quality control and product verification all require a multilayered approach. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive suite of strategic and innovative solutions for your unique security challenges.

COVERT V is the most unique range of taggant technology in the world for use in official government documents, ID documentation, licenses, legal papers as well as brand, product and supply chain verification.

COVERT V provides a range of tracing additives and solutions that allow you to monitor the use of specified materials and identify counterfeit components.

The after-market version performs in the same way as the normal master batch except it is not put into the main product, it is simply sprayed onto the item. Allow to dry for about 5 minutes and then it will activate the reader. The product is not visible to the naked eye and can be used when items are to be tracked covertly. If the substrate is semi-porous or porous the spray will last for a long period of time. If on a non-porous substrate like plastic it will not last long and can be wiped off.

We will provide you with the strategic planning you need and offer our knowledge to aid in final application, engineering and manufacture, right through to choosing the detection method application to your requirements and the integration of the method.

Features & Benefits:

Detection systems – visual, sensory and audible devices

Covert Technology

Safe and non-toxic

Low dose requirements for high response

Does not detract from your products’ handling or performance

Chemically and thermally stable

Flexible in application

Difficult to reverse engineer

Non-line of sight capability

Cost effective

Batch to batch traceability

Advanced chain of custody

We work collaboratively with companies across a variety of industries to create a solution that best meets their needs.

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